Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some vacation fun!

We love Christmas vacation! It is so nice to be able to do all the fun stuff that we think about on school days.
Today we had tickets to a play in Towson. It was a great musical version of " A Christmas Carol".
It was really well done, I can just see Paul getting into that kind of thing when he is older.

Then we headed into the city to spend the afternoon at the Science Center. The boys just love it there. We found an almost empty parking garage. Big Bonus!

Then we found a Science Center that we had pretty much to ourselves. Awesome!
It was so much fun. I found out that one of the IMAX movies that we had been wanting to see, "Dinosaurs Alive", was showing and went ahead and forked over the money to see it.

We visited the dinosaurs, in the dinosaur exhibit. It is always a great time. The docents are so nice and so interesting. The boys just have so much fun running all over the place. They have full sized skeletons of T-rex, the prehistoric rock star, and many others. Brendan just amazes me with what he knows from studying dinosaurs. He can answer so many questions with information that he has tucked away in that little head!

Then we went and played in the hands on area. They love the leverage machine, and the really cool "mousetrap"-like ball run.Oh, and the "bed of nails".

After that we went and saw the movie! It was SO cool!! I love IMAX. The dinosuars were right in our laps. Paul really WAS in my lap a couple of times!

Traffic was nasty on the way home but it was SO worth it! We need to use our membership a LOT more! Next time we are going to try to stay longer!

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