Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Well, I'm not going to write too much tonight but I can still post pictures from yesterday.
It was a lovely Christmas. God is so good. He blest us with a wonderful family time together. Laura and Nina and and their families. It was so good to be together.
The boys had a wonderful day. We had a wonderful birthday party for Jesus after Mass the night before. The boys got some nice things for Christmas and everyone was very generous to them!
Laura, Andrew and Lucy were here and I feel so blest to have had the time with them.

Blest with health for Christmas Eve and Christmas, because this morning Brendan got sick with a stomach virus and they had to leave. Lucy has been feeling a bit under the weather and it wouldn't do for her to get this on top of it. I came down with an ugly bug as well and it has gotten much worse over night. Wouldn't want them to get this either. I am so bummed. I was so looking forward to this week with Lucy and Lilly and the girls. But, as Laura said today, there is a reason for it. For some reason they needed to be on the road today instead of on Friday. And we had such a nice Christmas. We could have gotten sick one day earlier...
Thank You Lord for coming to us and thank you for helping up to see what's really important.

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