Sunday, December 23, 2007

It IS a Wonderful Life!!

We just had a wonderful Sunday of very special Christmas tradition.
We went to Mass and then, in the afternoon, the boys and I watched the George C Scott version of "A Christmas Carol". They had never seen that one before. It is so good. Even Paul enjoyed it.
After dinner we watched "It's A Wonderful Life". John had never seen all of it and it was such a nice time together as a family. I think all the boys really got a lot out of it.

It is so nice to relax, break the cycle of business and concern over what needs to be done. What needs to be done is that my guys all need to have the special memories of times like that as they grow up. There are so many messages in both of those stories. I have watched them every year for years! They are a part of what I love about Christmas. Capturing the heart of each story and holding on to them is a part of what I want to take into the coming year.

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