Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Bitter and the Sweet.....

Life is such a mix of sorrow and joy right now. It seems like the pendulum is swinging so fast that I can't catch my breath.
Last week our friends, the McLanahans lost their unborn baby. They were so excited, and we had been rejoicing with them. Then the news came suddenly, and we were mourning. We pray, make a meal, hope for God's comfort and pray some more.
Then in the midst of the sorrow, there was a time for celebration and fun, as we went up to a local waterfall to join the Hoppels on Kevin's birthday. We are so blest with the friendship of this family and Kevin's friendship with the boys.
Even as we were enjoying the beautiful day and great people, I received word that another sweet baby had passed into the arms of The Lord. It broke my heart. Calvin and Katherine are just the greatest young couple, and they were so thrilled with the gift of little Gabriella. She was only 26 weeks old. Such a sword has pierced their hearts. We pray, again, for the comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding.

We have had the good news that Pat and Ann Waltenburg have a new grandson. Praise for His safe arrival and the Blessing of a safe delivery for Kate!

Lilly's grandpa is very, very ill and is undergoing a very serious surgery. We have been praying for success, and hopefully a time of better health for him.

Yesterday I got a call from Nina, and when I got on the phone, Nina was so upset that I couldn't understand what she was saying. I thought I was going to get more tragic news. I was prepared for Nina to tell me that Lilly was in the hospital. It wasn't as tragic as it could have been, but at the time it must have seemed like a disaster. Lilly had cut ALL her hair off. Not just her bangs, but everything, except a small tail in the back that she couldn't reach. I know that it will grow back, but it is going to be awhile. I felt so bad for Nina!

Last night we had our final session in the "Road to Emmaus" book study that we have been doing on The Mass. Such grace and blessing. The Mass is such an incredible gift and we have been given the opportunity to study it with some of the wonderful people of the parish. More prayers that our fervor will hold on, and that we can share it with others.

Today was another fun-filled day as we traveled to Lancaster County to play laser tag at a place up there. The boys had such a great time! They were with their friends, they were doing something that they love, it was really good.

Tomorrow morning is the service for the McLanahan baby, and then the boys are going to spend the afternoon with their friend Henry, which is something they have been wanting to do for weeks.

Such a mixed bag of emotions, and God is there for us in the midst of it all. He shares every moment with His children. I pray that I will always be aware of His presence and His love through every swing
of the pendulum of this life. He is the point that it swings from.

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