Monday, August 15, 2011

From Mission Moment....So Beautiful!

All Shall Be Well

Today, Catholics throughout the world celebrate a feast and sing a hymn of praise for the gift and beauty of the human body.

This is a feast of hope in the resurrection of the body, and our eyes are gazing in wonder at the beauty of a human body: the Ark of the Covenant, the New Eve, the Mother of Mankind, the Woman clothed with the Son. Mary.

We revel in the beauty of her body, not as the world does, with a beauty only skin deep; we see the big picture, not parts but the whole. Like a crystal that shines throughout, it's the body "capax Dei" - capable of the Divine. The body as a temple, God's dwelling place, open to Grace, now glorified and divinized! Mary is taken up into glory today. It is the Solemnity of the Assumption!

For some this seems a mere fantasy, or wishful thinking, since this mystery seems not to appear in the Bible. Truth is, it's the Song that suffuses the entire Bible! This song of Mary's rising is the crescendo in the original score, the song of life, the Song of Songs, and the music that sin tore apart and twisted. (It's also in the Bible, see Revelations 12)

But even though sin may have torn up the sheet music, we still in this valley of tears remember the melody. Mary's Assumption into Heaven is God's promise for sinners that for us too, if we hold fast in faith, all shall be well. And so we gaze in wonder, and reflect on the fact that for us too, by His Grace, what has fallen shall be raised up, what went sour shall be sweet again, what was broken will be repaired in us. And not by our merit, or by Mary's alone. In the end it is all and always the Son who supplies the Light in this darkness. And it is in Mary that this Light shines the brightest!

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