Friday, August 19, 2011

Once More, Craig's List Comes Through!

After we finished the new face on the old school room, we decided that we needed to finally buy a computer chair. We have put it off for years, because the old kitchen chairs had been working just fine.
Well, they aren't working fine anymore because all the backs are falling off.
So I started haunting CL again. I have gotten so many good deals over the years, that it's always the first place I go.
A couple of days ago I found an ad put up by an office suite in Hanover. They had some really good quality office equipment for really, really low prices. Some of it has been sitting in unused offices!
So, I found a new office chair,
a guest chair,

and THIS chair, which for some reason I love, but which doesn't fit in the office! So I am going to find a place somewhere in the house....
I also got a stool/bench for the piano so that we don't have to keep going around a big chair.

I have most of the materials list for Science finished, now I just have to buy/save/collect all the items on it. I cleaned out the game closet and two of the shelves are going to hold Science supplies for this year. I really like the book that I got for Brendan. It is going to be a great science year, I think!

Tomorrow will hopefully be clear so that we can put down the landscape cloth and mulch and plant in the back. I got new Mums and I hope they will do OK now that the weather is so much wetter. It appears that we are through the hottest part of the summer.

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