Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hiking and Skating and Earthquakes, Oh My!

It's been a wild couple of days for the Merkel family and the Eastern Seaboard, as a whole.

We have been trying to pack the last couple of weeks of summer full of things that we'll remember.

So yesterday we hiked back up to Kilgore Falls with a big group of our TORCH friends.

It was really a wonderful day. We had lunch up on the rocks,

having fun being with friends,
and the older kids spent the whole day wandering the trails, climbing rocks,
and swimming in the pool beneath the falls.

Apparently a LOT of other people had the same idea...

Today we went down to the ice rink in Abingdon, and the boys got to skate for an hour and a half.

Brendan wants to go back ASAP. There is a "Sticks and Pucks" class that he can drop in on any week, so I think we will definitely do that soon. I think we may have found PE for him for the winter.

John and Paul had fun, but they weren't quite as quick to catch on. Paul definitely wants to go back soon, and maybe John will too, if we take a friend.

So, on our way home we missed the "Big One" of '11. I guess you really don't notice earthquakes when you are driving, unless something falls on you, which, Praise God, didn't happen to anyone.
This one wasn't big by west coast standards, but it surely got everyone's attention!
Hopefully hurricane Irene won't be much to write home about either....we shall see.

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