Sunday, August 21, 2011

Over The Weekend...

Well, we got a lot done this weekend.
Yesterday was a hot one, but we worked outside all day anyway.
I have been trying to spruce up the patio area and, while it's still a work in progress, it's getting better.

Tim did a lot of projects that he has been wanting to get to.
He still wants to put in a fire pit behind the house and we are thinking about just building it ourselves. Wait did I include myself in that? I usually don't do any of the building, but I add a lot of dialogue just to make things more complicated.
I have the sofa in the basement on Craig's List. We are eventually going to get carpet, and I want to get a different furniture set up. Yeah, it will be more CL stuff, but why not? The price is right, and I have lots of time to find stuff. I just play musical furniture, but when you don't pay very much for it, it makes it possible to switch it out when you need to.

Oh, very cool, John caught a katydid last night across the street. He said there were lots of them. It was getting dark, so the pictures aren't very clear, but they are really pretty!

I don't know if we are saying "good-bye" to Summer now, or what, but the weather is sure wet, and moody. Seems like thunder is always grumbling through. I guess the chill of Fall will be in the air soon. I am usually in the mood for it, but somehow, I feel like summer was just a bit too short this year....

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Laughter is an instant vacations (Milton Berle) said...

We made our firepit at our house in Georgia. By "we" I mean James, but it wasn't that difficult to do, just laborious with digging & pouring concrete. He & a friend first dug out a 2 feet deep hole, about 4 feet wide. They smoothed it out, took a roll of metal sheeting (about 4 feet wide) & some wooden stakes; framed the outer side of the hole, then created an inner circle alternating stakes on either side of the sheeting. They poured concrete in between the two circles of sheeting, and the weight of the concrete made the sheeting buckle a bit which (unexpectedly) created a rather pretty wavy pattern. When the concrete had set, they removed the sheeting & stakes, poured concrete inside the circle to create a flat surface, and had bought a stone-shaped concrete 'stamp' on clearance, decided to use extra concrete to make 'stones' circle around the firepit. When all was said and done, we had a very professional looking concrete firepit, for a great price. The edge was raised up about 1 foot, and appeared about 3/4 foot up from the concrete stones. :)