Monday, August 8, 2011

New Digs....

So Tim spent the last two weekends putting a new look on the schoolroom, and boy, does it look great!
It was really in need of a face-lift. He did the ceiling a while back, and it looked way too nice for the dingy walls and ratty old carpet.
We thought we'd just paint. But after he got the painting done, the carpet looked even worse.
The edges were really bad because the basement is so damp. So he ripped all the old carpet out and we put down new flooring and he painted the baseboards. I put all the stuff back in, except for a few items that we are giving away.
It is going to be so nice to start school this year in a fresh new space!
I also reformatted the computer, because something went wrong with the hard drive. We got Dell to put in a new one, and I upgraded to Windows 7. It runs again! I may have lost a little bit of stuff, but using Google docs for everything really paid off. I had already backed up all the pictures, but we will see if we can get someone to get the things off of it that are still there.

Oh yeah, and speaking of new digs....
 THESE have taken up residence in our yard.
They are Cicada killing Wasps, and, indeed the evidence is on my porch.

 They like the area in front of the little patio.

They dig burrows like this...
Fortunately, the only thing they harm is the cicada population, so that works for me!

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