Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Painful Truth

I have this friend.
She is a dear friend, and I am really worried about her. She has such a wonderful heart and she is always so generous, but I am very concerned because she has gotten herself into some serious trouble.

See, she is so generous that people have been taking advantage of her for a long time and she just won't say "no" when they ask her for money. She used to be very well off, but things just haven't been going well for her, and since she is afraid to be honest with the people that come to her, she has been borrowing money so that she won't have to say no.
I'm not sure why, maybe it's pride, or maybe she is afraid that if she doesn't give them what they want they won't be her friends anymore. The problem is, there just isn't enough to go around. She has made these people think that she can support them, and she is being dishonest with herself, and with them.
I know that there are people that have tried to talk to her and explain the situation, but she won't listen.
I also know that the people that she owes money to are not going to be patient when it becomes impossible for her to make her payments. They are going to exact payment one way or the other.

I love her, but I feel like she is just being pigheaded in allowing herself to be bilked over and over, and in letting these "friends" of hers suck her dry to the point of ruination. Maybe she doesn't see how serious the situation has become, or maybe she is just in denial, but the facts are the facts.
She has so many people giving her conflicting information, and she seems unable commit to a plan that will help her solve her problems.
It breaks my heart to watch her go through this, but at this point that's all I can do. She has refused to listen to people much better at helping her than me.

I will pray for her. I hope you will pray for her. She is a great lady and she is in serious trouble.

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