Monday, April 5, 2021


 Easter is the most wonderful season! Of course it is!!

He is Risen!! Alleluia!

Yesterday was so wonderful! We went to the first outdoor Mass of the year and the weather was perfect! Fr Dale was so happy to have everyone there, and it was a wonderful turnout! 

Then I came home and got to work on dinner. We had a huge leg of lamb! It turned out perfectly.

I also did Pilaf, Brussels Sprouts, Jello, and a red velvet cake. We also had apple pie from Paul's birthday the night before.

Paul is 19!! And what a great guy he is. He has so many ideas and interests. This year it was travel, school, racing a car, investing, Who knows what will be next on his horizon?

Brendan will be 21 next Monday. Wow. This happens really fast. 

Oh and Saturday I rode Ivy. That was awesome. She is lovely.

Maggie also went to the groomer. That was a huge improvement in life for her and us.

Anyway, back to Easter. It was nice all afternoon and everybody got to enjoy the deck and good company. 

Tim gave my some great chocolate, and enough that I will have it around for a long time!

Today I mowed the lawn and got the back yard in shape. I have to feed the grass one of these days. I am hoping that there will be less moss now that there is more light back there.

I also got a lot of stuff done around the house and got Lilly's lesson plan made up for the week. I am so excited for what we are going to do now that the weather is getting better.

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