Thursday, April 22, 2021

 April is always tricksy. You just never know what the weather will throw at you. 

Yesterday I had my coffee and a book out on the deck and I had to take off my hoodie because it was too warm. Today it is in the 40s with a wind chill in the 30s and it SNOWED this morning. Yes. 

I went to Mass and Adoration, but I came home afterward and didn't go to the grocery store like I should have because it is just too dang cold. There is time for that tomorrow, and we have leftovers for dinner.

Maggie is really having a tough time. We are going to have to stop taking her downstairs to go into the yard. She just needs to go out front where it's flat. I know that she will kill the grass, but we'll just have to make sure that she goes in the same spot and then fix it later. I don't know how much longer she is going to want to keep going. It is so hard to even think about it. I can't imagine life without our girl. I don't want to. She is such a big lovebug. I hope she can make it through the summer, but the vet will have an idea on Monday. I really want our new addition to have a chance to be around Maggie. 

I bought the crate for her today, and I will gather supplies as needed. I will probably put the carpet and the table in this office up in storage so that she can have a bare floor. Hopefully potty training will go well. 

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