Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Love Our Home!

 We had a lovely time at Miss Molly's, and it has given me ideas. Lots of ideas about the future for our humble home after the nest empties. 

We live in a really good area for renting vacation rooms. Havre de Grace is busy all summer, and there really aren't all that many places to stay. There are the big old houses that have been made into Bed and Breakfast places, but they are pretty expensive, and when there is a festival or other event, and there are a lot of those, there really aren't that many places to stay. 

We could convert the upstairs into guest space and rent it as a suite. One room would be a bedroom with the bathroom, and the other would be a sitting area with a TV, and wifi and all the things that are popular on Airbnb. I would love to do the decorating and fix it up real "Havre de Grace". 

We have the decks for sitting and eating outside, and we have the yard for playing yard games and having fires. In the summer we have such a great little town. Every bit as cute as Chincoteague, I think.

It wouldn't cost that much to get started, and we could turn any profits back into the house. 

Yeah Big Dreams.

It is really windy out today and it is supposed to be really cold over night. 

Still waiting to hear about Brendan's Covid test. Paul's was negative. I guess I will miss Mass and Adoration tonight. We are going to do small group on Zoom.

Oh, and Cora is adorable.

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