Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Missed a Few Days

 It's been a busy few days around here! 

The weather was rally nice Monday and Tuesday, but today it is raining. Tim Mowed again yesterday. That lawn is growing so fast!! I have to get out and do some work out there as well. I was weeding this morning and I can see that the Holly trees need to be trimmed back again. I pulled out a whole bunch of volunteer daffodils this morning. My Rhubarb is all coming up! I transferred it to the other side of the house and I wasn't sure what it would do, but all three plants appear to have survived. I am so glad!! I have been enjoying the crisps and the pie that I make in the summer. 

I had a small group meeting here last night! Our first in-person for that group. The other group is meeting tonight at the Pojunas home. I am so glad that we are all getting some things back to normal. 

I went to the grocery store this afternoon while Lilly started school. She got done really quick today. Apparently she and Ivy had a little disagreement on how fast and which direction they should travel, and Ivy won. Oh well. I told her if you don't get dumped, you aren't really riding.

And then there's THIS news flash...

Looks like there really is going to be a puppy in the Merkel family this summer! I have filled out the contract and I will pay Danielle a deposit tonight. I have a couple more questions, but I am confident that she will be ours! Can't wait! 

I got my Kindle Paperwhite yesterday and I love it! I got it
for my birthday but I wanted to use it while Tim and I are away, so started using it early. 

Well, early dinner tonight, because we have Mass and Adoration. 

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