Friday, April 2, 2021

Good Friday

 It's too beautiful out. 

It's super cold, but the sun is shining and it just seems too nice out to be Good Friday.

I went up to the farm to see Ivy this morning and we had a nice little walk around the barn, and through the barn. There were no lights on, and so it was very dark, but aside from a little blowing, she seemed pretty relaxed. 

I am going to stations at 2:00 and I hope to get in the the church for the service at 3:00, but it may be "sold out". We'll see. 

We'll be having a small dinner tonight.

Tomorrow Maggie will be groomed, thank goodness. She will be lovely for Easter!

Well, we did get in for the Good Friday service! It was wonderful!

I went shopping and got what I need to cook for Easter, so now tomorrow we just have to get Maggie to the groomer, and I need to figure out Easter dinner.

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