Thursday, April 15, 2021


 Cloudy and rather chilly today. 

I went to Mass this morning and the homily was so good! God is so good! I want to be a better witness to His love. I want to give Him all the glory and let Him teach me and show me what He desires. I want to give up control. I surrender. 

What a beautiful life this is! We have so much. We have love. We have a place in the Kingdom. What else is there? How can I share it?

Went to Adoration and then came home to make sure that Lilly is coming along with school. She says she is! After I had some lunch I walked to Weis to get ingredients for Jambalaya. It's really nice out.

Jambalaya was yummy!

Tim and I met the new couple that we are going to be helping to prepare for marriage. They are really a great pair! 

After that meeting I sat back to watch a movie and crochet...

Good day!

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