Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday- Good Maggie News

 The weather was a bit on the ugly side over the weekend, but today is beautiful!!

We are blest to be able to have another few hours of Eucharistic Adoration each week. Now on Mondays. I am so glad! I look forward to it whenever I can go. 

I did some work around the house this morning, after Mass, and then went and got Lilly. She was up and ready! She appears to have gotten all her work done for the day, so that's good.

Today Maggie went to the vet for an evaluation. He talked to me about her quality of life, and we decided to try a treatment to get her hips and spine back into a little bit better shape. We aren't going crazy. This is in the hopes that she will have more mobility and be more comfortable. He said that we should see improvement within two weeks. If we don't then we have to talk about how much longer to push her along. Glad we don't have to make that decision now....

Cora is growing like a weed, and they have begun eating solid food and playing all the time! They are very busy!

Life is good!

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