Thursday, March 19, 2009

Frostburg Pictures

Here are few more pictures of the trip to Frostburg.
We got home late last night and I was SO tired! It was a long drive with a migraine, but we made it and after a good night's sleep we are all getting back into school and getting things caught up around here.
We get Lilly on Saturday and I'll post a few more pictures then.

The boys sure enjoyed getting to know Molly. (That's Pudgy the hedgehog looking on.) She is a very happy baby and loves good conversation. She just likes to look around at whatever she can see, and listen to all the goings on.

Lucy is sure growing up. This was just before Mass on Sunday.Here is Brendan hard at work. I took most of the school work with us. We are catching up on Science and Geography today.

Tim and I went out to the Savage River Lodge on Saturday night. Laura and Andrew had given us a gift certificate and we took the opportunity to get up there while we were in Frostburg. It's quite a drive, but well worth it. I would love to stay up there sometime.

Here is my picture of the Lodge as we arrived.

This is the sitting room,

And the fireplace.

The food was incredible and the atmosphere was so nice. I don't think we could have afforded it without the gift though.

Molly will be baptized this weekend. I will get lots of pictures and post them on Monday.

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