Saturday, March 14, 2009

Speaking of Productivity...

It's been a very productive couple of days up here in Frostburg.
Laura had big plans, and we have spent the last couple of days getting things organized, cooked, boxed and sorted.
We have been rather successful, it seems to me.
We made three different types of casseroles. Turkey Tetrazini, Baked Ziti and Chicken Enchiladas.
They are now all frozen and ready for the Cookes to pull and heat for dinner, saving Laura lots of prep time in the afternoon.

We also worked on the kitchen, putting it in a more workable order for the way Laura likes to cook.
She has a baking area, and she has the cupboards and the pantry all set up for the most efficient use. We boxed up the china to make space in the upper cabinets, and moved it upstairs where it is still accessible.

Last night we went out to CeCe's Pizza. Paul wanted to make sure that we got there at least once.
Lucy thoroughly enjoyed the noodles and marinara. Paul had Pizza and was very lucky because Laura and I had quite a few quarters between us, so he got to go to the arcade.
Molly enjoyed the noise and confusion, in her own way.

The plan for the next few days is going to be getting the kid's clothes sorted and organized and to put the bathroom closet to better use.

Of course the best part about being here is the visiting.
It is so nice to have time to chat and to spend time with the girls. Molly is growing like a weed and Lucy is talking so much. Baby sisters seem to have that effect.

The cleaning continues...

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