Friday, March 6, 2009

Stop the car, Barry...

All that is needed for Liberalism to succeed is for Conservatives to do nothing.

The liberal machine took the White House and Congress by a fairly narrow margin. It certainly wasn't a landslide.
Obama won the presidency by 52.9%. So, roughly 47% of the voters were looking for a different outcome, right?
Congress was a bit more of a bath, but not the supermajority that the left was figuring on.

I have been thinking all along that this is a good thing, that a taste of the bitter pill of "Hope and Change" would be enough to strengthen the resolve of those that know better, to educate and inform those that don't, about the folly of the direction that the "Terrible Trio", Barry, Nancy and Harry, are driving us. Then, when the disillusioned many understand where we are going, they would call for the brakes, right?

Barry himself recently made reference to "Thelma and Louise" regarding the situation with health care. He said "We are past the 'Harry and Louise' moment. We are at the Thelma and Louise moment. We are in the car. We are headed for a cliff." He said that it's not the intention to go over the cliff. Well Barry, YOU are driving the car...and it's going very fast and you have already shown us that you have a lead foot.

Anyway, a radical is a radical and we aren't going to change his spots, but why isn't anyone trying to slow him down?

The Stimulus bill was driven through congress with nary a Republican dot of an "i" or cross of a "t". Why? Why was that OK?
Now we have a massive health care proposal and a totally ridiculous and terrifying budget, and I am not hearing from anyone with the power to put a roadblock in front of it.
Sure Rush Limbaugh is raising Cain, and there are blogs and the occasional news organization sounding the alarm, but those are just horns blaring a warning.

There are conservatives in Congress, I know there are, with the votes of real people behind them, that are going to have to pull this bus over and give notice that it's a stolen vehicle.

Come on people! Don't be afraid of the "divisive" label, and don't be afraid of being called names in the media. They aren't going to do you any favors no matter how nice you play.
We need to hear from you! We need to know that you aren't just selling out on the whole package.
You will be amazed at the support that you will see from so many of us that feel like we have been left in the back seat with no control.

If you stay quiet and keep reaching across the aisle, it's a given that there will be success. And I am very concerned about the place that that success is going to take us.

WAIT...This just in...
Top House Republican calls for spending freeze

WASHINGTON (AP) - The top Republican in the House is seizing on the latest spike in unemployment to call for a freeze on government spending and to urge President Barack Obama to veto a $410 billion spending bill.

Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, said the jump in unemployment to 8.1 percent and the loss of 651,000 jobs in February is a sign of a worsening recession that demands better solutions from both parties.

Boehner criticized the spending bill as chocked full of wasteful, pork-barrel projects. The Senate postponed a vote on the bill until Monday amid the criticism.

Boehner said he hoped Obama would veto the bill. He urged the president to work with House Republicans to impose a spending freeze until the end of this fiscal year.

Well, now I feel a little better...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent, dear daughter, and you are definitely a chip off your Grandma Maggie's "block" (whatever that word means - MUST be a very old saying, eh?)
Anyway, right on. Keep up the sock it to 'em stuff. Wish your Grandma Maggie was here to chat with, but we both know she's really glad she isn't. Things are awesome where she is. She earned it, too.
Love you,