Thursday, March 12, 2009

So, Bill do You Know Where Babies come From?

This is definitely worth checking out.
Watch the video of our former Fearless Leader explaining that it's OK to use certain embryonic stem cells for research, because these particular embryos aren't fertilized.
Gee, this is the brilliance that brought us more sex ed in the schools. Maybe they should read their own books!
Oh, and read the transcript below the video to be absolutely certain that you are hearing what you think you are hearing.
This from the people who brought you Global Warming...

News Flash! Embryos Aren't Fertilized!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe that this man (who "didn't have sex with that woman") could possibly know anything about when human life begins? I have never been able to figure out why a lot of people think he is intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Once again, why should he let facts interfere with any of the warm, sincere pontifications he's so famous for. Where would he be if he weren't so believable - when lying?

This is the other end of why you WILL NEVER find classical education, featuring deductive reasoning, in public schools. Where would a truly educated and analytical populace leave most of the liberals??