Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to Sweet Molly Rose Cooke

After a long day yesterday, Laura and Andrew were very happy to welcome a beautiful new baby girl, Molly Rose Cooke!

I took Lucy to Columbia and we waited for the new little sister to arrive.
Lucy's Grandma Sue was busy with Lisa's baby, Lydia, while Lisa was taking pictures in the OR.

Little Molly arrived by C-Section, just like her big sister, Lucy. Laura did everything right, made all the right choices, had an excellent midwife, but in the end it was discovered that Laura really does have a problem with the shape of her pelvic bones, and the babies can't engage properly. This time however, there was no induction, there were no drugs and Laura was able to progress through half of her labor. That was really great for her. Her surgery this time was very relaxed, very simple and there was no fetal or maternal distress.

Molly arrived at 8:15 pm. 8 pounds, 21 5/8 inches of healthy, perfect baby.
As you can see, she has her own look.

She took to nursing so easily and she is very busy doing all the things that new people have to do.

Lucy was very taken with her new sister. She held her right away.

John, Paul and Brendan are quite smitten as well.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations! She is adorable.
God has certainly blessed the Cooke family!

Kare said...

Molly is beautiful! All of the pics are quite wonderful, but you couldn't have asked for a pic any more special than Paul looking down at Molly with love!! Very precious.

Laura O in AK said...

Congratulations on the newest Cooke. Glad to hear that things went well. It can be disappointing to end in a cesarean, but I believe it is easier to accept when you did all you could to avoid it.

BiblioBowers said...

Molly Rose is a beautiful name and a beautiful girl. Congratulations to the Cookes and Merkels!

She shares my mother's birthday.

Anonymous said...

We LOVE all these wonderful pictures.
Though we have talked to everyone since Molly's birth we want to make a comment in your blog -
We are even congratulating ourselves
as GREAT-grandparents. We are so happy for Andrew, Laura, Lucy and Molly. There is absolutely nothing like welcoming a new member into the family.
God bless!
Mom & Dad -