Thursday, July 23, 2009

And the Doctor Said...

Had a fairly uneventful visit with the doc.
Had an EKG and I am assuming it was fine because the nurse who did it didn't say "Excuse me" and rush from the room...
BP nice and low.
I have a little pile of blue slips with orders for tests, consults, etc.
Have to visit the lab so that they can drain 5 or 6 tubes of blood for various tests.
The usual CBC, thyroid, and a couple of extras to check for arthritisy things...yay.
I am also going to have a colonoscopy a bit earlier than the usual 50. Dr G thought it would be a good idea.
Have to get a dermatology consult and have a couple of things removed. Nice that they aren't things I need!
Oh, and the cardiologist. I have had these odd PVCs for years now. No other symptoms, just a missed beat now and again. Dr G really wants to get a nice, boring explanation for these so that he can put it in my chart and be done with it. Guess I'll follow through this time, so that he doesn't have to ask me again...

So, as long as all these things don't yield any surprises, a nice routine appt. and I'm done with that for the year. Always good to be routine.

Poor Nina is not having a routine month.
Two minor car accidents have left her with some pretty bad back and neck issues.
Lots of docs and chiropractic these days. It's a tough deal but at least both wrecks were the other guy's fault and she will have the bills paid.
She's so young to have all these things to deal with. Life is long enough without a bad back!

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