Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23rd, and Counting.

The past few days have been so blissfully free! This week has been free of appointments and evening obligations. It is so nice to get my Google calendar reminder in the morning and to have it say, "You have no events." Ahhh...

I do have a Dr, appointment today over in BelAir but that will be quick. Maybe if we are over there anyway we can find something interesting to do.

The boys are enjoying summer too. Sleeping in, building amazing creations with Legos and Bionicles. John has taken up his journal again and is writing and drawing. He has been reading a book a day, because he can...
The boys have been swimming almost every day and we have had "S'mores" fires in the backyard several times.

It is nice to really take advantage of these days.
We will have to get started on school next month again. Piano starts at the very beginning of August, then I will get my planning finished. I think I have all my books, except for a few supplemental things for Lit and History.
That is nice. It wasn't as expensive this year, since I have the Math and History books that the boys need. I only had to buy those for John.

We have done a few little "field trips" for last years Earth Science this summer. We have studied erosion, rock formations, fossils, mountains, and we will be getting a first hand look at some amazing caves next week. I still want to see a few more water falls.

I have a gift card from Tim for a day with a kayak. I want to do that soon and go out with the boys so that they can see what it's like on the river. I think, if it goes well, we may try to find a used one. The boys are very strong swimmers and I don't worry too much as long as they are out with an adult. Though, with my swimming skills, they will have to rescue me!

We want to get back up to Western Md for some biking and hiking. Laura and Andrew have some really amazing things to do near them. We just have to get going, the summer seems so short this year! I am torn between packing a ton of great experiences into what is left of it, and just letting everyone relax, swim and have slow days.

But right now, I need more coffee!

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