Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Vacation...

On Tuesday we decided that we were going to head back to DC early and drive into the city to take in a couple of museums.
DC is always crazy and crowded in the summer, but we were that why not.
The weather was gorgeous, hot and sunny.

As we were driving through the city, I commented that I had never seen so many police vehicles. They were on every corner and there were cops, with rather sour attitudes, all over the place!
All we wanted was a place to park. We found a garage with an empty space ( and parked and headed upstairs. Turns out we were parked under the AARP headquarters.

Anyway, as we were about to exit the building, we noticed that the streets were actually blocked and the cops weren't even letting anyone cross the street. There were a few people hanging out with cameras, and yes, you-know-who was supposed to be passing by.
I kid you not, the weather had been perfect, this is a true story. As the motorcade went by, a cloud passed over and it started to rain...

Just a little. As soon as he was gone, the sun came out and the weather was perfect again.

So the rest of our day was great!
We went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

It was crowded and crazy, but the boys enjoyed it. Brendan loves anything Egypt...

I finally got to see the Hope diamond. I had never gotten close enough before. Very impressive!
There was a really neat exhibit of a dig that is ongoing down at Jamestown, VA. Here is a sample of what they are doing...

The crush of humanity finally got to us and we decided to visit the National Gallery. It was quiet and cool and blessedly empty. I just walked around soaking up all the fabulous Art. I could have stayed all day.

My favorites were this painting of Napoleon and this Marquis. I was just amazed at the way the artist was able to capture the facial expressions and the skin tones. John said this must have been Napoleon before the Louisiana Purchase. He looks rather smug.

I also love Dega. He loved horses, I love horses. It follows.

He also loved dancers and this is such a sweet sculpture.

I also loved the face of this little girl. She is looking up and away and she is just so sweet.
So we came home after our journey, and we were so glad to be home! Bosco was very glad to see us.
Last night we decided to attend the Cecil County Fair.
The culture up there is a little different...
Yep! Lawn tractor racin' is a big deal. It was fun though, until it started raining and we had to come home.

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