Monday, July 27, 2009

Luray Caverns

Today was just awesome!
The boys wanted to play putt-putt golf here at the hotel this morning. Brendan is quite a little golfer! They all had fun, and it was good that they played early, because it got really hot later on.

We got out and headed for the caverns at around 11:00 and bought our tickets. It wasn't cheap, but it was so worth it! God is an amazing artist!

The Luray Caverns are just incredible. There is no way to describe the beauty of that particular piece of Creation.

The formations are like nothing you would ever see in any other environment.

Most of the formations have developed over millions of years due to the seepage of water through the mountain, carrying acidified water through the limestone that is the basis for the Shenandoah Valley. After the limestone was carved out and the caverns were created, then God started decorating them. Crystallized Calcite is deposited by the seeping calcium carbonate.

Stalactites form on the ceiling and as the water drops from them to the floor, deposits build underneath, and stalagmites are born and grow to meet them. When they meet a pillar is formed. These deposits accumulate at the rate of one cubic inch every 120 years! Our God is a patient artist.
These "Drapes" are formed in flat, fluted shapes that really look like flowing fabric!

There is a lake in the caverns that is only about 18-20 inches deep, but with the ingenious lighting effects that have been put down there, they have created a perfect mirror image of the
Stalactites hanging from the ceiling.

One of the "dripwater" formations looks just like the craggy face of an old mountain man.

The size of this place and the time that it took to form is just mind boggling. I just kept thinking about what it must have been like for the men who discovered it! Wow!

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