Sunday, July 26, 2009

Virginia is for...

They say Virginia is for lovers, and that appears to be true. It is also for families, which is why we are here.

We had a great trip today!
We left the house at about 9:30, and since traffic was so light, we got onto the DC beltway at 10:30, and managed to find the Air and space Museum by 11:15!

We had our dear friend Matt Newell with us. He is up in Emmittsburg, MD for a couple of weeks, attending the Fire Academy. He took the train up to Aberdeen last night and we had a very nice visit.
He wanted to see the museum and I am so glad that it worked out.

There is so much to see there. Many famous planes and others not so famous, but weird and wonderful.

My all time fav is the SR71 Blackbird. I got a real close up view.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise is there (sort of) and is just so huge that it is mind boggling.

We saw the Enola Gay. I went over to Paul and asked, in a "teacher voice", "Paul, do you know what that plane is?" He looked at me like I was just ignorant and said, "Yes, it's the Enola Gay, it's the plane that dropped the first atomic weapon." Yeah, well, I just wanted to be sure that he knew.

There were lots of helicopters,

fighter jets Great Huge things...
and odd little things...
John had a chance to sit in a Cessna cockpit and dream...

There were rockets, missiles, and satelites. This one was so beautiful, that I thought it must have been designed by a woman!

The boys even found a friend to hang out with...

We dropped Matt off at the airport, and drove through the beautiful Virginia countryside and came up one side of the Blue Ridge and over the top and were looking down at the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley.
We found our hotel and then took off exploring and found a great restaurant for dinner.
We came back to the room and the boys changed and got into the pool until it was too dark to see. Now we are getting ready for bed and the camera battery is charging for tomorrow morning and our trip to the caverns...

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