Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a Day...

Sidling Hill on I68

Gee, John had an almost perfect week out in the wilds of Western MD with Laura and Andrew and the girls.
He fished, drove the car on the farm track, went out to a movie, a pirate day, played with his nieces, ate great food, and watched more TV than he probably ever has in his life!
All good things must end, however, and last night when I called I could tell that he just wasn't himself. He seemed very cranky. I put it down to a long week, being tired and maybe a little homesickness. Well, this morning he woke up at four, sick. That meant that Laura also woke up at four. Laura had already been up multiple times with little people, so, needless to say she was running quite a sleep deficit.
John was kind of stuck near the bathroom for most of the morning, and I ended up driving up to get him. Laura could have managed two babies, or a sick brother, or sleepiness, but not all at once, and not while driving.
She and the kids were supposed to go downstate for a birthday party for Andrew's grandma, but she was really afraid to try it.
I left here at 8:30 and got up to the farm at 11:30. John was still going strong, so to speak.
I got all his stuff loaded, and thought we'd try to at least start the drive home. We got to the "FruitBowl", a local roadside grocery, and I had to go in and beg them to let John use the very non-public restroom. We decided to go back to Laura's and wait until things settled down a bit.
He went upstairs to rest and Laura and I had a visit.
Finally, it seemed like things were getting better, so John and I hit the road, and headed back downstate. It wasn't a bad drive. We stopped a couple of times, and John was doing pretty well. We kept passing the little "green" cars fighting their way up the mountains. Annoying little things when you are actually trying to make good time. We did though, and got home safe and sound. John had a banana and some yogurt, but then took another turn for the worse. Guess I'll have him stay home from Mass tomorrow.
We get to go back up to the farm in a few weeks and I am going to take the boy's bikes. They will have a great time!
And we are stopping at the Sidling Hill visitor's center to get a better look at the "big cut". I blew through it twice today, and it always amazes me!

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Suzanne said...

I am glad he had so much fun before the illness. My guys are Jealous (with a capital J). How is he feeling today?