Wednesday, July 27, 2011


....And you shall receive.
Isn't it amazing that we have been told, by God Himself, that He is just waiting for us to ask Him when we need something?
He is our loving Father. He wants us all to be happy and he gives us all that we need for that.
Ask, and you shall receive. Maybe not instantly, maybe not in the form that we think we want or need, but we shall receive....the best.
What do we really need that He would withhold? He gave us His own Son, His very life.

Trust is a hard thing, especially now, in our world where the idea is to get what we want, now.
Trusting God to give us the gifts that He has in store for our lives on earth, and in eternity, is that realistic? What if that job doesn't come through? What if good health doesn't hold out. What if something happens to keep us from fulfilling our dreams?

Who can dream better dreams for us?  Can we in our short-sightedness, or the Father who created us and all things and knows every moment, every breath and heartbeat of the lives we have lived, are living, and will live. Every moment in His will is a blessing, even though it may be uncomfortable or may not seem to make sense.

We can have all this and heaven too. All we have to do is ask.

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