Friday, July 8, 2011

Updated Website for TORCH of NorthEastern MD!

 Lumen Christi T.O.R.C.H. of North Eastern Maryland

I have worked off and on all day to get our Homeschool group website updated and ready for the coming year. We had a great meeting last night, of all our past leaders, except Lynn :( , and we hammered out a BUNCH of really foundational details. The national TORCH group is not going to continue, and we had to get our ducks in a row before people start looking for homschool information for this coming year.

I am starting to get that feverish feeling that comes around about this time every summer. Target had started putting out the school supplies and it was a nudge. I have all my books picked out and have created a document with links to every place that I will be going to purchase them. I can't wait for the boxes to start arriving and to start planning all that I expect to accomplish this year.
It's so much fun!! I can't imagine what I will do when the last one goes off to college.
I can't imagine how ANYONE can say that they can't wait for school to start!
These guys are incredible.
They are bright, funny, well mannered, helpful, generous (at least to me), and I count every school day that we have to be a special gift.

Summer is really great. I am enjoying the chance to tackle some things that I don't have time to do in the winter. I do look forward to another fresh new year though.

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