Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Special Weekend

It was a very nice weekend with Dad here. He is attending a pro-life conference up in Pennsylvania this week, so he and Cathy Gonzales, the other attendee, spent the weekend here.
I ran up to Philadelphia to pick them up at the airport on Friday.
Yesterday we had a nice morning, and then we went to the pool after it opened.
Dad got to swim with the boys,
and we all enjoyed a very nice day without much humidity.
After the Pool we went to Mass. Brendan and Paul served, and Dad said he really enjoyed it.
We brought the boys home, and then Tim, Dad, Cathy and I went downtown to dinner. I really wanted to go to the Tidewater Grille, but the wait was an hour and a half! We ended up at McGregor's, and while the atmosphere left something to be desired, the food was really great!
We ended up getting up REALLY early this morning, because Tim had to go out to New Mexico for work. I would probably have gone back to bed, but Dad was up and had made the coffee, so I stuck it out.
We went back up to the pool for a while this afternoon, and then I drove Dad and Cathy up to Malvern, to the retreat house. We went out through Lancaster county, and it was just a beautiful drive!
I got home pretty early and got the boys some dinner.
I think I am going to make an early night of it though!

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