Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July, (tomorrow)!
This is a holiday that we should celebrate with a sense of gratitude. We have a duty to uphold the ideals that the founders of our country fought, and died, for.
When they declared their independence from an oppressive king, they were insisting on being allowed to live in a way that we now take for granted. It was truly a novel idea, in that time and place in history.

What have we done with the gift that they gave us? 

Every generation has to make choices as to which direction they will go as they create their identity. Each society is known by it's fruit and it's course in the human story.
What do we have to show? What is our fruit? When people look at our era, what will it be remembered for?
These aren't rhetorical questions.
The answers are real and important. They define us, and we can't leave them to be answered by the future.
We can see the fruit of those that have gone before us, but ours is still ripening on the vine.
Will it be sweet and plentiful, or bitter and paltry?

Our founding Fathers gave us the unique ability to determine these answers for ourselves.
We can build on the bounty that has been left to us, or we can, like the Prodigal Son, take what is our part of the inheritance and squander it. If we choose to play the prodigal, will we turn around and go back, or go on blindly trying to find our own way? Will we return in shame at the way we have wasted a fortune, or will we stubbornly go on, never giving a thought to the Father that we left behind? Will we say we are sorry to the One who has given us the gift of this great country?
We are in the process of a very Prodigal story.

I hope and pray that it ends the way the parable does....

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