Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slow Down Summer!

I am feeling that middle-of-summer energy that always sets in this time of year. It's the halfway point, a little past actually, and I am looking at planning the coming school year.
The booklist is complete, orders placed, and new boxes are rolling in every day.
I know for the boys, this is an awful sign. The death knell of Summer. They want to put off even thinking about studying, and every time they turn around the UPS guy is knocking at the door, and mom is cheerily thanking him for another load.
"Hey, it's your Science book!"
Somehow they seem less than enthused.
True, it seems like we just started our summer break.
Pool time, warm weather, and late nights are the theme for this season.
I love it, but I am watching the time sifting through my hands. There were so many projects that I was going to get to this summer. Painting the schoolroom walls, possibly carpeting. I want to get more of the house purged and open up space in the pantry and on bookshelves.
I had been thinking about really going over the utility room, but that was while we were thinking that Bosco would be "moving", turns out he's still here, so the utility room doesn't get a facelift.
I need to make a list.

This school year is going to be more serious, as John is entering High School. We are finally at the point where we can fine-tune his education. We get to start really using all that spelling, vocabulary, and Grammar for in-depth writing assignments. Literature will be at a much higher level, and we can do deeper discussion and critical thinking exercises. It's so neat to hear the thoughts and ideas that come out of this young man! Now he gets to start really thinking about what he wants to do with that fabulous brain!

Brendan is going to have to buckle down and write a LOT more. He is a very good writer, when he puts his heart into it. Math is no problem for him, and Science is going be a lot more challenging, but I think he will enjoy it. He doesn't struggle, but he isn't as academic as the other two. As long as he gets everything he needs to be able to choose to do whatever he wants with his life, I will consider him a well educated lad. He has the mind for it, that's for sure. I don't ever want my kids to feel that there is something they don't want to try because they don't feel confidant in their education.

Paul is going to be in the fifth grade. We have a lot to cover this year. He will also have to do more writing and he has the usual language arts materials to get through. I am really happy with the fact that the Parish is going to allow me to use the Faith and Life religion books that I love! I have been trying to balance two books every year and it has been a challenge. I can finally enjoy the program that I have been wanting to do all the way through.

I myself am going to take a bit of a leave of absence from most of the non-school activities that I have been so busy with. I will be taking courses in organizing coaching, on the computer, but I really have to be home with my family at night and not going out to appointments and meetings.
I am hoping that this will make for a more focused school year.
I always have great hopes for that, but this year I am taking steps to set it up that way.

So on Monday I guess I will see what kinds of projects I can find to fill up the last few weeks before I run out of "Summertime".

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