Thursday, July 21, 2011

And Now, The Weather....

We have been busy trying to keep cool theses last few days!
I have been trying to keep the boys busy while we wait out this horrible heat wave.
It's actually dangerous to stay out and try to do anything physical.
Maggie doesn't even want to go outside!
I have been working around the house, and then the boys and I usually go to the pool in the afternoon.
This morning we went to Ikea and did a little bit of looking around, and ate lunch at the little cafe there.
We came home and I made some muffins for the potluck at the pool.
The boys swam for hours with their friends and Lilly and Nina were there too!
Lilly is really coming along with her swimming.
Tomorrow is looking like an even hotter one. UGH!
Glad Dad got to come to visit last weekend instead of this one!

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