Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Elk Neck State Park....

Today we headed up to North East, to start our "Park Quest" adventure with a nearby park. Elk Neck is a beautiful park on the Chesapeake Bay.

The Quest itself was a bit simple. That may just be this particular park though. John was rather underwhelmed with the questions and answers, and all of it was easily found within a few hundred yards of the beginning.
Still, we took Maggie along, saw quite a few critters, learned about the local plants, and something about pirates. Brendan used his own compass, which got us the "bonus quest"After we finished and got our stamp, we went further into the park and headed on the trail to the lighthouse.

It was really hot, and Maggie was having a tough time with the heat,
so we turned back. We are going back up with the bikes, and letting Maggie enjoy staying home in the A/C.
I hope to get to a couple of quests a week at different parks. We'll take Maggie each time we go, because she loves the adventure too!

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