Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Busy Days!

 We have had a lot going on around here, as of late! 

On Thursday Cora had a vet appointment, her first one with Dr Cullum. He walked into the room and said "Wow, you really went from one extreme to the other!" He was very happy with Cora though. She is healthy and she got her last shot until next Spring! She weighed 5.7 pounds. He said that he thinks that she will be somewhere between 8 and 10 pounds by the time she is full grown. She will be spayed sometime this Fall. 

She is making very good progress. She walks very well now on the leash, and she comes in from the yard when I call her, most of the time. She knows "sit", "down", "wait", "watch me", "up", "Off" and we are working on "roll over". She is also doing very well on her house manners! She is definitely my little buddy. We have been going downtown and walking where we can see lots of people and new things. She takes almost everything in stride.

We had a pretty quiet weekend. I went up to see Lilly ride Ivy in the new place. Ivy is very relaxed and happy there. Lilly rides bareback and they enjoy each other!

Sunday we worked on getting Paul packed for college. We went through his clothes and he got some things together and he seems very confident that he has everything! He and Tim will drive up tomorrow and I will go over sometime in September. I hope he has a wonderful semester! I am so glad that he decided to go, for however long he stays. It will be a very good place to start from. 

Monday we had Adoration and Benediction. Fr Francis really had made Benediction so beautiful. I am loving the way that the parish is moving forward. We are starting some of our ministries back up, and I can wait to start putting on programs and doing studies again! It feels so "normal"!

I went out walking with my friend Celeste last night. It was super muggy, but it was so nice to walk and chat. I enjoyed hearing about her family and how life is going for them. We walked near the water. The Algae bloom is still pretty bad.

Today I have been getting ready for a gathering of our small group tonight. We are having dinner and just a chance to catch up. We will start regular meetings again in the Fall. I think we will be doing a scripture based program. Fr Francis will be stopping by so we will ask him for ideas!

I'll try to remember to take pictures. 

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