Friday, August 6, 2021

Walking With Cora

 Today was a very nice day! 

I got up early and got ready for Mass. Cora and I have a pretty nice little routine going. I hope it continues. After Mass I came home and let her out and then I had to head out fairly quickly for Freedom Hills to walk the pony. Sunny had a pretty overcast disposition. She did NOT want to walk anywhere. She wanted to go back to the barn and eat. But we convinced her otherwise. 

I got home and let Cora out of her crate and then I decided that we would go down to the lockhouse and walk those trails. They are short and shady and the views are very nice. We saw an egret in the pond! Cora got a little swim in the creek, which she thoroughly enjoyed. 

When I got home I took care of some details and then worked on some emails and scheduling. 

Around 4:30 I decided to poke my nose into First Fridays downtown. It's kind of fun to see all that is happening and who shows up. I drove around looking for parking for awhile and ended up parking by the church. Then Cora and I started to walk into town and as we were just passing the fire station we saw Danielle, Lizzie and the two dogs in the car looking for parking! So we waited for them and all walked down together. Cora seemed like she was being very whiney and I couldn't figure it out, but when I leaned down to tell her to stop, I noticed that she had ants all over her muzzle! Ugh!! Lizzie and I cleaned them off and she seemed to feel much better. We saw lots of people and the dogs got to see and hear all kinds of new things! Cora did very well. She is a very brave doggy. She met lots of kids and some scouts even gave her a dog treat, which made her very happy! 

We decided to leave after one trip through town, because it was really hot, and getting crowded. I brought Cora home and she played and had a good evening. Then Tim came home from a week away and she was just thrilled! 

Now we are all just winding down and having a quiet evening. That's nice. It is good to all be under one roof again. I would love to see John one of these days.

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