Saturday, August 21, 2021

More Hiking and Saturday Details

 What a day! I am pooped, but it was a good one. 

I went out on another hike with Lisa this morning. This time I did the other half of the Susquehanna Loop. We didn't go quite as far, because like a dummy I forgot to eat breakfast. I had the right shoes and water in my bag though! It was muggy, but not real hot and the woods were nice and shady. It is so good to get out into the woods! I love it!

I worked on getting some stuff moved from the office since there are now open shelves in the basement. Paul moved his clothes to college, and Brendan is going to keep his in his room and do his own laundry, so the family closet is a thing of the past. It worked well for a long time! We have to put shelves into the closet in Paul's room before he comes back though. He can do the same thing. He should be good at doing laundry by then!

I went shopping and got a nice piece of Cod for dinner. Fish, rice, broccoli and salad were a nice meal at the end of the day. 

Cora spent her day ringing her bell to go outside. I did notice that she did that a lot less when it was raining the other day. I took her for a walk downtown and she did really well! She is much less skittish and she just pretty much trots along in front of me. She is definitely getting the hang of it. I want to take her into the woods soon so that she continue getting hiking experience. Maybe later tomorrow afternoon. We shall see.

I sorted the bins and paper boxes in the office closet and then tried to so some computer work. I ended up being distracted though. 

We will be going to 10:30 mass in the morning and then the day should be nice and relaxing. 

All the Cooke kids are back at school! They started last week. I hope they have a wonderful year. 

Lilly is planning to start soon as well. She has a computer-based program this year that should make it much easier for her to be accountable and view her progress. I am looking forward to it!

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