Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Whoopsie Wednesday

 Today wasn't super great. 

I really had a hard time keeping my mouth shut, every time I turned around.

Cora has become obsessed with eating bugs in the back yard, so I ended up putting her on her leash to get her to come back, because she always runs from me and it makes me crazy. I took her for a very long walk and I think it did help wear her out.

The photo project got ugly today too. Mom took apart almost all of the other albums but she only took a couple of pictures out of this one. The pictures are all glued to the pages and the pages are so brittle. I didn't want to lose any of the pictures! Mom must have just given up and tossed it into a box. I don't blame her. There are some really great pictures though. Lots of Elmer and Grandpa Weaver in their earlier years. Hanging out with friends and just having fun. So...I spent the afternoon prying them up, and then started scanning them. Oh yeah, and there are no names or dates. So I will have to be a detective and use other pictures to figure that out. It will all come together. 

No matter how my day went, it went better than this guys....

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