Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Just Summer Days

 Had to get so much done today, and I only managed to get to about half of it. 

Yesterday was warm, and I had a couple of appointments so I was really moving all day. I went to Mass, and then came home and got some work done, until I had a meeting with Fr Francis. We talked about his vision for ministry and I am looking forward to digging in! 

I am excited to get back into studies and groups and talks, but I need to be careful not to get in too deep. I have a big bite in my Spiritual Direction work. I have so much to learn!

I also want to be sure that I do some work on the Family Project every day. Scanning, planning, reading, sorting. It's a bit at a time, but it can really absorb me. 

So back to yesterday. I went to Adoration at 3:00, which is now my regular time, and then came home to put dinner together. I had to get things pulled together because John came for dinner and Brendan had to go to work. Paul had some friends over later. It was so nice to just sit down and talk to John for awhile. He is so busy, and he has so many great insights on things! He is learning a lot about technology, the good the bad and the ugly. I know that all the guys are well versed in the tech world, and I am quickly being left behind. I am really glad that I have my kids to advise me. I still just use my laptop and take pictures with my phone and add stuff to Google drive....I'm simple like that. I think we may all need to have a good sense of where this stuff can take us though.

After dinner I went to Benediction at the Church and then came home to meet with Christine and Paula. We discussed the way things are going...and the fact that Jesus has it ALL under control. We just have to keep walking the mission forward. 

Today I went to mass and then went up and got Lilly and we took Cora to Petsmart and Michaels so that I could get MORE boxes for the family stuff. My, my.

I am going to keep forging ahead on that tonight. 

It is HOT out there, so Cora is going to get her walk late this evening, after it possibly cools down a bit.

I think she is pretty happy inside...


But she does love her yard....

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