Monday, August 2, 2021



I am just loving getting to know my Granny Bea through all the letters that she wrote to my Grandma Maggie. I feel like I am walking through a side of the family story that I didn't know very well, and a time that I lived through but didn't appreciate. 

 I sat down this morning after I had been working on something else, and I was just going to do a little paper sorting and maybe read a couple of them, but it just captivates me. Sometimes her handwriting can be a challenge, and I am challenged by some of the names and places. I want to do a good job translating some of them and then putting them into a blog, along with pictures and screenshots of some of the places. Granny really needs her own dedicated space, just like Maggie and Weaver. I need to get going on that again too!

Tonight I will stay away from TV and just read letters and work on the blogs. Mom did a fantastic job of dividing the pictures up and scanning many of them. I will do some more scanning as well. I sure hope there is a kid out there that is into the family history. If we can get things documented and up on the blogs, then at least we can finish with the Hendrys and Raritys of the generations that we are connected to. 

It is amazing to look back a lives that are past and read them as they were written in time. It always seems like I am writing to the wind. Who is gonna care about all the day to day stuff that goes on? But when I look at the family letters and pictures, it's the little details of daily life that are so fascinating. How much did stuff cost? Granny had so much fun talking to people on the Greyhound bus on her way home from visiting relatives. She tells all about the conversations that she had with the people that she sat with. That's the stuff of life. That's what fills in all the blanks between the pictures. That's who she was. 

She wrote SO MANY letters! I am SO glad!

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