Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Day At Home? Really?

Today has just been great!
We had nowhere that we had to be (except that I did give Fr Henry a ride to the doctor) and I feel so much more balanced!
I was going a little nuts with all the obligations, but today was just fine.
I have had meetings every night since Sunday, dinners have been rather stunted, and Tim keeps catching "dish and dog" duty after dinner.

Maggie was only in her kennel for a little while today, and we had a wonderful walk up the road.
I was able to bake cookies AND muffins, for the boys, and school was so relaxed.
The Laundry is all caught up, I have a bit of work to do downstairs but nothing earth-shattering.
Tonight Tim and I can finish our movie and enjoy just being home together.
What a concept...
I love it here.

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