Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Life Apart: Call To Authenticity...

By Laura.
I just had to post this...It is just too good!

What is A Life Apart? It's freedom from the Culture of Death, and the decline of marriage and the family. It's a call to rise above the mainstream ideals of sex, love and the human condition. A Life Apart is the belief that anyone can reclaim their faith, find spectacular love and live an authentic life. Through a series of guest posts, crazy ideas and fabulous resources, we'll introduce you to a way of living that'll leave you thinking harder and making changes. This series will post on Wednesdays until we run out of things to say. :-)

Now you might be thinking, "Psh. Catholics couples don't have sex. Their babies fall from the sky and into the pew!" But did you know that the Catholic Church is well-formed, well-informed and well-spoken on what goes on in the bedroom?

Read the rest here...You know you want to...

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