Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Glimpse at My Crazy Life....

I could be losing my mind.
No one would notice, because I am so scattered around over the landscape that I am only required to present a sound mind to a few people at a time, for a short period.

Remember last Fall when I was bemoaning my busy life and I made that commitment to slow down and take things a day at a time?
That worked through most of the winter. I was getting pretty good at saying "No".

True, we did "A Christmas Carol" and that had me at my wits end for a couple of weeks.
But then we went to Texas and I had the perfect time off.

So...What has happened to foil my plans for peace and harmony within the heart of my family?

Well...we had already planned to do "Macbeth" with the Shakespeare group. I could handle that because that was absolutely the biggest thing I was going to commit to. OK, since I had no other big plans, I could certainly coordinate props and costumes!

Well, I had no other plans, but I do have a standing arrangement with Nettie for a certain number of hours of work each week...and the occasional class...just one night a week though.

Oh yeah...and the Pool. Yeah, OK, so I am still the secretary and there are some duties that require my attention. Just a few, I can fit them in around the other stuff. A couple of meetings, writing some emails, sending out minutes. No Sweat.

So...Looking at all this, I'm not REALLY busy, even if you add school to the mix. That's just five days a week from 8-4 or so.

This is what I was thinking when we were Blessed with the gift of Maggie, and she has been SUCH a gift. A wonderful addition to the family.
When you have a baby, everyone brings you meals and excuses you from all the details of the world for at least six months, sometimes a year!
When you get a puppy, they look at you and say "Wow! You are really gonna be busy! That's just like having a baby!" Only, they don't offer you meals or tell you to take the year off.
Well, we couldn't be happier.

So what was I thinking when the Parish called and said that even though I didn't get elected to the Parish Council this year, that Father would like to re-appoint me to the same post? I could have said, "I really can't do that again this year. Maybe next year." I had every reason.
But no, I want to help out the parish.

Now I have really put my foot in it.
I have accepted the job of "State Sign Coordinator" for Jim Rutledge's campaign for Senate.
I am thrilled to be able to help. I can't sit out another election cycle without doing something to effect change. I want to see this man get in and I desperately want to see Barbara Mikulski unseated. I will do anything I need to to help.
I am just concerned that I may not be up to this task. Driving signs around to local voters and giving the campaign a hand with data entry is one thing. This is a little bigger bite than I was prepared for.
By the Grace of God...

I have to wonder though....

What is it about "No" that I don't understand?

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