Friday, May 28, 2010

We're Celebrating the Start of Summer!

Well, we finished school today!
The boys each took one last math test, and Brendan had a History test. Those all went very well.
We do have some Science experiments to do over the summer, at least Brendan and Paul do.
John is actually having lots of interesting experiences.
He built the birdhouse and the Wrens promptly moved in.
He also captured a caterpillar, and had it in a container, just to see what would happen and it promptly turned into a moth, which was cool!
I have several neat experiments for Brendan and Paul.
We have to find some frog eggs somewhere and the boys have to observe the changes as they grow.
We also have to observe a chrysalis. We'll try to find a different kind of caterpillar.

Tomorrow the pool opens, and we are hoping to attract a bunch of new members.

We had Lilly come over this afternoon and, as always, she and Maggie were a whirlwind of activity, Maggie literally. Finally caught it...

Lilly read me a few stories out of the fairy tale book, and the boys had a ball taking turns chasing her. She is so cute. I love it when she "reads" to us.

So serious!

Later, we ordered Chinese, which I have sworn off of for many reasons, but tonight I had a good reason to have it.
After dinner, Maggie came into the kitchen with something in her mouth, and just stood looking up at me. It was kind of stuck, so I pulled it out, and much to my surprise it was a fortune that must have fallen on the floor out of one of the cookies. I read it and had to laugh....

If that isn't a fortune for a Golden Retriever, I don't know what is.

I am putting it in her puppy book.

Oh, and we started "clicker" training today. Since this particular type of training starts out with lots and lots of treats, Maggie is an ever willing student. She hears her name and "Come" and as soon as she turns to look at me, I click, then she comes flying across the yard, and just before she gets to me, I click again. She decided that I was the best thing going in the backyard and I am hoping to have this particular command down cold within a week or two. I want her to be comfortable with all the basic commands before we install and train her to the fence. That is going to be the focus of her attention for awhile and we will won't be introducing anything new while she is getting that down.
She is just such a good puppy. She tries so hard to understand what we want. Well, OK, she knows we don't want her to chew on the furniture, and that's still worth ignoring us over, but she has to have something that makes me crazy, otherwise I would be worried that she was going to explode.
She is so mellow most of the time and the boys are really enjoying her, now that she is biting less and retrieving more.
Agility isn't coming along quite as well... she keeps eating the tunnel...

Here is a little video of her.

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