Friday, May 7, 2010

I didn't post this yet...
Last Friday some of our members met at the track in Havre de Grace to run a "Marathon Relay".
We had about 22 people combining walking and running. Each person decided what they could do, with the goal being at least a mile per person. Several of the kids did more! After most of the participants had finished four 1/4 mile laps, it was determined that we were still about 11 laps short of our 26 miles. Lisa Tellup cheerily encouraged everyone to do "just one more" and we ended up with 30 miles to our credit!
Kudos to Nate Heinlein, who didn't intend to run, and ended up finishing a mile! The up side of peer pressure! Missed them in the picture...
The weather was gorgeous and almost everyone was able to meet afterward at Tydings Park for a picnic lunch.
Next year we'd love to do it again, with even more people!

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