Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Neighbors

Since John built the fantastic birdhouse, I was puttering around in the yard last week and thought I would just hang it outside. I grabbed a hanger and pole stand, and just stuck it out on the patio. This was just going to be a temporary arrangement. Then, for Mother's day Brendan got me a really nice suet feeder and lots of suet blocks. So, just to get it out where the birds could enjoy it, I hung the feeder next to the new birdhouse.

Well, apparently the attraction of a new condo next door to a five star restaurant was just too good to be true, and within a day we had several potential new tenants. The Sparrows decided that the hole was just a bit to small.
This House Wren, though, thought it was just the thing...

So, much coming and going and nest building has been taking place right over the patio.
Little thing doesn't care about kids or dogs, just getting the place furnished for the family!

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