Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Outing...

I am learning very quickly that Maggie on a leash and a camera are two things that do not go well together. However, we took Brendan to gymnastics this afternoon and Maggie came along to see the sights.
She saw many sights.
She saw a black dog that was as big as a bear, and went over to say hi to him. This sent me into a very quiet and controlled panic, because if he had just gotten a little annoyed, she would have been a snack. He was, in the end very polite and reserved and simply wagged hello.
She then saw a yellow lab that barked and barked, until we let the two of them meet. Then they played and rolled and bit and wrestled. The woman who owned the dog was one of those extremely responsible pet owners, so I was OK with this play session.
she saw plenty of kids, and was very well mannered. She didn't jump all over them and hardly even nibbled a finger! I was very proud!
Well then in the chaos of coming home and getting dinner started, I blew it and she got off into the bedroom and made a puddle. I was so mad at myself!! It's been going so well!

So her are her pictures of her exciting time out.
Drink water, play in water, spill water...More water??

Tomorrow...Haircuts for the boys!

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