Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Life Apart: Jenna's Story

Laura at "Planted and Blooming" says:

Welcome, Jenna! Jenna Bonner is a 23-year-old newlywed and medical student. She lives in Maryland with her husband, Ben. I am so blessed to count her among my friends and I know you'll be amazed by her frank words and leave-you-speechless discoveries. Grab a cup of coffee and a muffin, folks. You won't get up again until you read it all.

Angry. Disillusioned. Betrayed. I can’t really begin to put into words the way I felt as I scrolled down the list. ‘But you know, this can’t be legit. It’s probably some specific version of the Pill that I don’t even take,’ I reassured myself as I searched. Asbestos. Everyone knows asbestos. Benzene. Ooo, benzene. I remember benzene from lab safety. And there it was: “estrogen-progestogen oral contraceptives”. I dashed to my nightstand to grab my current pill pack, frantically searching for the “clinical names” of the drugs it contained. Desogestrel. Ahhh (sigh of relief). No progestin. Wait - better check. Google. “Desogestrel – a progesterone-like hormone, or progestin…” Speechless. Back to the list.
Practically holding my jaw closed with one hand, I read on. Formaldehyde. Hepatitis C Virus. HIV. Mustard gas. Radon. X radiation. Alcohol and tobacco. Would I pump any of these horrifically harmful substances into my bloodstream daily? Sure, we all have a drink here and there. Everyone’s had an X-ray. But we are all empirically aware of these dangers – we are forewarned (repeatedly and emphatically) about the risks we take when we submit our bodies to such toxic exposures. As I sifted through a list of all-too-familiar chemical compounds – substances that I once handled with special gloves and a lab coat strictly within the confines of a chemical fume hood – my thoughts wandered, years and years back. Back to my first OB/GYN visit.
Vulnerable. Nervous. Heck, I was darn-near petrified.

Read the rest HERE....It is so worth it!!!

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