Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

What a beautiful Easter it was!

Yesterday the rain poured! ALL day long! The boys made the most of it though. They dyed their eggs and put on goofy faces. We put them back into the box and they looked like they were on a rollercoaster...
About the time we left for Mass the weather cleared. It was cold, but clear.

This morning was just gorgeous!!
The boys were up early hunting for their treasures. They must have been tired because it took a long time!
They finally found every thing, and then went down to watch one of their movies.
They usually get movies each Easter.

We had a quiet morning. I worked on some of the food, and then Tim and I had some quiet time to chat.

Nina and Johnny stopped by with Lilly so that we could see her in her Easter finery. She looked very pretty, as you can see.

The boys had their egg hunt

and then we had one for Lilly when they came back for dinner.

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